Thursday, October 13, 2011

1, 2, 3 Pivot Turn


I used to be a dancer, but this little move has nothing to do with dance.

I had to use it a few months back at one of Doctor J's events. He invited me along to an event that he said was for the doctors in his program and their significant others. I did have some reservations, being that it was interview week and there had been several other events exclusively for the doctors and the medical students interviewing at his program. After some questioning about the type of event and being reassured other significant others would be there, I got all dolled up to go.

I walked in the door to a bar and guess what...doctors ONLY!   So I did the 1, 2, 3 Pivot Turn.  I took 1 step, then another and finally a third and realized this was not where I wanted to be.  In the past, I may have called this awkward but this time I did a Pivot Turn, gave my husband a kiss goodbye and marched my way out of there.  (and I think I looked cool doing it)

Lesson learned.  In the future I will trust my instincts.

Has your significant other every put you in an uncomfortable situation?

2 comments: said...

Oh mercy.. gotta love our doctor friends who aren't QUITE paying full attention to those sorts of details!!
But good for you for turning and acting as cool as can be :)

Sarah Stright said...

Cute :) Thanks for the comment on my blog. I just got a chance to check yours out and it's super cute. I'll be following you now.

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