Wednesday, January 19, 2011

(Couple) Dating 101

Out on the town looking for "dates"

Is she sweet?
Does he like sports?
Is she a good person to talk to?
Does he enjoy a night out on the town?

Does this sound like some of the questions you ask yourself after a first date?

Meeting new couple friends is just like dating, but for two.  Not only do you have to get along with the person, but your significant other must get along with their significant other.  Or's a doomed relationship.

Moving to a new city, my husband and I are trying to put ourselves out there to make new couple friends.  We go to places where other couples may be like a frozen yogurt shop or the movies.  If we see a cute couple we may smile at them and wave.  But doctor J tells me not to wave.  He says I may scare them away!

We have even been set up on blind-couple-dates.  Sometimes our couple friends may suggest some new people to be friends with. "There is this great couple you have to meet, I think y'all would really get along" and then we go out with each other, same nerves and concerns as a date! Will we get along? Will we have anything to talk about, or will we just stare at our respective significant others all night and try to make small-talk until the misery ends?

Sometimes it's a good idea to go out to drinks instead of dinner, so if the "date" is not going well, at least it's not a night ruiner!

Just when you think the world of dating and all its stresses and excitement are behind you, it begins all over again!

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Desiree said...

So funny! It's a fine line between trying to be friendly and coming on to the new couple. This really made me laugh- I relate! Happy (couple) dating!

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