Monday, January 10, 2011

Guest Blogger V's Voice: My 9 minute rollercoaster

V's Voice:  Our guest blogger   

       Every now and then Dr JM has work dinners – drug reps, interview dinners…Dr JM has now gone to about a dozen really nice, expensive restaurants. Without me. 

            So the other night, in the midst of a hectic 90-hour work-week, Dr JM comes home at 8pm like a speed demon; late for the interview dinner downtown. He runs into the apartment, runs to the bathroom and starts brushing his teeth while mumbling through foaming toothpaste “hey babe how was your day” to me. I offered to help by picking out a shirt for him to wear (he’s finally changing out of his scrubs!) and I hold his coat open for him to run into it and run to the elevator. Mind you, all of this happened within about 4 minutes – he would have put a fireman to shame.

            So there I am, back on the couch, watching tv and relaxing. I get a BBM from him: “wanna come down to dinner?” What? I think, I am invited to the interview dinner?! Then I respond by asking if his co-resident brought his girlfriend and does he feel guilty not bringing me, lol. No, not the case – there are open seats and he thought to ask me, yay! So I jump up from the couch and run to get dressed and fix my makeup. It is not common for me to change out of my PJs and plan on going somewhere at 8:30 on a cold Wednesday night; but I am excited to hang out with his co-residents. While I am running around like a crazy person to get ready and leave as soon as possible, I am asking for the restaurant address and to ask if it is absolutely okay that I join the dinner.

That’s when it happened – the pause in his BBM responses. I should say “thank you BBM, for showing the little “d” and “r” so that I can stalk my prey easily.

As I am ready to leave, Dr JM writes back saying how it might actually be awkward if I am there because no one else has his or her significant other there, he’s really sorry, and loves me. I sit down on my bed and laugh. I check the clock. All of this happened in 9 minutes. I wished I were on a reality show at that moment so people can see the ridiculousness of my life sometimes and how Dr JM and I try to make things work out when they just cant. I obviously was not upset with Dr JM, I think it was adorable that he tried to get me to the dinner and understand the work atmosphere, but ohhh boy did I have fun with it for a few days!

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