Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"How To" Decorate your Apartment with a +1

The Newlymeds have recently moved into a new apartment.  We had some items from our old apartments to work with, but this was the first place we were moving in to TOGETHER.

I had to explain to Doctor J that this was a grownup apartment, since we are now married.  Being married makes you a grownup right?  There were lots of decisions to be made confounded by differing opinions, but 7 months later we put the finishing touches on our living room.  Here is the progression:

Step 1: The couches have arrived.  (All the way from Nashville, thanks Aunt G and Uncle J!)  This picture was taken pre-pillow fluffing.

Step 2:  The Hanging of the Jazz Fest Posters.  Since we met at Tulane this was art we could agree on.

Step 3: The rolling out of the taupe carpet.  After searching high and low I  (I mean we) finally settled on this carpet from Restoration Hardware.


Step 4: An impulse purchase by Doctor J.  He said since I got to pick out all of the china for our wedding, this was his "consolation prize".

Newlymed note:  Let your significant other pick out at least one item, so they feel like they were involved in the process! DSC_0995

Step 5:  After 2 years of searching we finally found and agreed upon a coffee table.  This was the finishing touch to our room.

And to put a spin on things Doctor J surprised me by hanging the below chandelier.  I was not so sure how I felt about surprise home decor, but it is slowly growing on me.  So here is the finished product, ta da!



FH said...

I love the chandalier! Great work!

also, an orchid is a great investment if you want a flower you dont need to water often :)

Newlymeds said...

Thank you!! There is an orchid on my left window! I agree :)

Leon said...


Meesh said...

So pretty! Looks great!

Lauren said...

Love the Fest posters. We have a painting from Nola in our kitchen. Apt looks great, best of luck.

iand said...

Good choice on the taupe carpet. It complements the couches. Guess you are a fan of jazz judging by the posters that are hung on the wall.

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Karly said...

Ha ha ha, I pretty much do the same thing with my husband...letting him choose something. But I usually let him do that after I've hammered in the total effect I'm looking for, because he sadly has some pretty skewed tastes!

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