Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Vacation


I found a great post on Coeur de La and was inspired to create a list of my own.  I am on vacation this week with most of my family so this list is vacation themed.

reading: The Omnivore's Delimma
loving: the local farmer's market

enjoying: cooler weather (it has been a HOT summer in Texas)
running: none of that please, but I will powerwalk
hoping: to see more of Doctor J this summer
favorite meal: brunch or snack time
excited: for some family bonding.   (we miss you R and Doctor J)
working on: my photography skills
eating: kettlecorn and peaches
drinking: hot coco and emergen-C
latest find: a great leather bag in my mom's suitcase, do you think she will notice if I accidentally pack it home in mine?
found: one of my favorite shirts in my sister's suitcase!
channeling: inner peace
cooking disaster: oh wow, there are too many of these to name
preparing: to be physically challenged by my athletic family
latest obsession: wild flowers
craving: black diamond cookies and cream ice cream from Paradise Bakery
wishing: for bathrooms in the wilderness

This week I will be unplugging from most of my devices and plan to read and enjoy nature!

Until next week...



Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Our weather here in WI has been hot AND humid. I wouldn't mind the hot so much but the humid is awful. I'm hoping for cooler weather!

Jennifer said...

Have a great vaycay girl!

Lou said...

Love the jumping photo. Have a great holiday.

Pretzel Thief said...

Enjoy, ENJOOOOY! And loving the list!

Ms. Givens said...

Very cute list!
I go on vacation in 3 weeks to a state park in the Keys. Yay!
Thanks for visiting
Follow me. I am following you.

Bella Donna said...

thanks! you have great pic's!

Mrs. C said...

Nothing like finding a shirt you thought was missing!!! And what a fun photo! this list is a great idea! Thanks so much for stopping by!
Recipes Fashion Marriage

Nikki said...

That sounds like an amazing vacation! Enjoy!

Janie | We Heart Paper said...

I love the list! Have a fabulous time!

Jennie said...

YAY for Texas gals!!! love your blog, new follower! :)

Kelly V. said...

thanks for stopping by! I look forward to reading through your adventures ... have a great vacation!

Bella Donna said...


(Florida) Girl said...

I am happy you stopped by my blog for a visit while I was on break. I am also a doctor's wife, though I met my hubs after his residency but during his fellowship. He is just going into his new practice (post fellowship) now. Phew. What a journey it has been.

I will be back. Your newest follower.

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