Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Favorite Things: A Tulane Love Story


There must be something in the water at Tulane University.  Maybe it's the inevitable charm of New Orleans, or maybe it's because the beer flows like water. Nevertheless, there is something magical about that city!  After all, Doctor J and I met at Tulane and got engaged in New Orleans.  Post engagement we found ourselves in Scott Cowen's office, the fabulous University President.  He told us that 12% percent of Tulane couples eventually tie the knot, pretty astounding!

Last weekend Doctor J and I attended the wedding of R & J.  They met at Tulane, through yours truly, and were married in Ft. Lauderdale.  They survived several years of long distance dating and now are  living in Houston as Mr. and Mrs.

Now, here are a few of My Favorite Things from R & J's wedding weekend. They worked with "Celebrity Planner" Heather Lowenthal of Posh Parties & Paper.

1) The "I always cry at weddings" tissue placed so creatively on the wedding program

2) The chair coverings that matched the bride's dress

3) Monogrammed linen napkins! (and the beautiful place setting).  I love this personal touch and it is something the couple will have for the rest of their lives. Can you say dinner parties?!

4) And last, but certainly not least, reuniting with the Tulane crew


Lovingly yours, until the next wedding...


Mal said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding!


Sarah Stright said...

What great ideas! I might steal the tissue idea for my wedding... :)

Ms. Givens said...

How beautiful!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Tulane has cute ladies indeed:-) her wedding looked beautiful!

alongdistancelovestory.com said...

Looks so beautiful!!!
And such a good idea to put the kleenex in the program :)
Aw, I just LOVE love!

Miss Amy said...

That dress and matching chair covers is brilliant! Absolutely beautiful. Love it when those little details are thought of. Thanks for sharing! :)

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