Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rough Day at the Office

Dear Friends, Family and beloved Readers,

I am sorry I haven't written lately.  We had those 14 magical days that Doctor J gets once a year.  During that time I did my best to unplug and check out from reality.

2012 also started with a bang at work.  It was time to refocus, which left little time for blogging, but I am hoping to pick it back up and and continue to share my "Newlymed Adventures".

All my love,

P.S. The picture above is my cousin M being a ham!  


Andrea said...

It is amazing how right after the holidays life always seems to go faster than ever before. My poor blog has been the victim of being a bit "over-programmed" these days. I hope to also get back on the blogging bandwagon!

Alina @ My Yellow Umbrella said...

Oh my...I just read through a handful of your posts...and as one med student's wife to a dr.'s wife...I get you!! ha! Gotta laugh about it. Also...thanks for the reminder to set realistic expectations. We'll be heading into full-time residency in a NEW city across the country next year...meaning no friends or family while the Mr. is ever-missing. Oh dear...

On a fun and happy note, I'm your newest follower! :)

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