Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Doctor J Turns 30

Today is Doctor J's first day as a 30 something.  I think I am feeling more emotional about this day than he is, because he was 20 when we met!  We have shared so many wonderful experiences during his 20's, as well as the majority of his medical journey.

When I met him he was studying for the MCAT to get into medical school.  Since then WE have been through 4 years of Medical School and a little over 4 years of Residency.

10 years ago we said we would be in our 30's (gasp!) when this journey is complete and I can't believe this is where we are today.  Although I am still a young 20 something for a few more years!

We had a little party to celebrate a few weeks ago.  Here are a few pictures below:

{Party Prep}
{The moms in matching aprons from our Rehearsal Dinner}

{Putting our family to work}



Happy Birthday Doctor J!  May your 30's bring you a whole new adventure. I love you!


leggings said...

You guys are just adorable! Happy 30th Doctor J!

peace said...

You are realky very adorable. Bless you both.

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